Summer CSA 2017: Week 1

This week, we received: broccoli, asparagus, scallions, sweet potatoes, radishes, and mustard:


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Winter CSA 2015-2016: Week 24

This was our last week of the “winter” CSA before moving onto the “summer” CSA. This week, we received: kale, green onions, some other greens, two sweet potatoes, some bok choy, and some parsley. We gave Carol the broccoli sprouts.


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CSA 2015: Week 28

This week, we received: half a white acorn squash (this name is confusing because the squash itself is yellow), one (sad looking) eggplant, one bunch of lettuce, a small amount of green beans, a red pepper, two sweet potatoes, eggs, and a bunch of apples, including a bag of Arkansas Black apples.

According to Diap Tran, who writes for LA Weekly, “The Arkansas Black’s siren song starts out bright and tart, then blooms with notes of nutmeg, coriander, vanilla and anise the longer it sits in cellar.” I wish I could read foodie descriptions of all our produce before I eat it.


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