Adventures in Brewing: A Sea Salt Pale Ale

Salt makes everything better – even beer, according to Bon Appétit. Scott and I have had – and enjoyed – German gose style beers, which have sour notes and salt, and Prairie’s farmhouse ale with sea salt, Brett C Ale. We decided to add salt to our own brew – a pale ale kit from Steve’s Brew Shop in Fayetteville, AR.

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Adventures in Brewing: Pale Ale Kit

We recently finished brewing a Brewer’s Craft kit Pacific NW Pale Ale that we bought when we were in Moore, OK a few months ago. The brewing was easy – now that we’ve got a rhythm down and are getting more comfortable with kits in general.

We tried it on Sunday night, after two weeks of bottle conditioning. It was very flavorful – slightly, but not overwhelmingly, floral.


I’m not sure what we’ll brew next. I wonder if we’re ready for an all-grain or a non-kit. Any suggestions for easy recipes as we consider moving away from kits?