Adventures in Brewing: A Sea Salt Pale Ale

Salt makes everything better – even beer, according to Bon Appétit. Scott and I have had – and enjoyed – German gose style beers, which have sour notes and salt, and Prairie’s farmhouse ale with sea salt, Brett C Ale. We decided to add salt to our own brew – a pale ale kit from Steve’s Brew Shop in Fayetteville, AR.

We followed two gose recipes we found online and added .5 oz of sea salt with 10 minutes left in the boil. Scott wants you to know that we used a spring scale he uses to weigh songbirds to weigh out our salt.

The finished product is OK. It still tastes like a homebrew – but it is pretty flavorful and drinkable.

Here we are brewing as our 3 month old supervises.


Here is a picture of our finished product.

beer - final

Adventures in Brewing: Pale Ale Kit

We recently finished brewing a Brewer’s Craft kit Pacific NW Pale Ale that we bought when we were in Moore, OK a few months ago. The brewing was easy – now that we’ve got a rhythm down and are getting more comfortable with kits in general.

We tried it on Sunday night, after two weeks of bottle conditioning. It was very flavorful – slightly, but not overwhelmingly, floral.


I’m not sure what we’ll brew next. I wonder if we’re ready for an all-grain or a non-kit. Any suggestions for easy recipes as we consider moving away from kits?