Container Gardening

Now that we have outdoor space over the summer months, I really wanted to try gardening. But there were at least four hurdles to starting a garden: (1) Cost. It is not cheap to start a garden in Oklahoma. You have to build a raised bed and purchase black soil and a few gardening tools. (2) Water. It gets really hot in Oklahoma, so Oklahomans need to water their gardens frequently. Plus, if you have a raised bed, your water just seeps into the red dirt below. (3) Time. Remember how proud of myself I am for taking care of some roses? Yeah. That’s time consuming enough. And (4) Outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are already using our yard as a bathroom. I didn’t really want them using a food garden as a bathroom, too.

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Our Rose Bushes

When we were looking for a house in Stillwater, OK, we saw a couple of older homes in our target neighborhoods, which were either walking distance to the school or walking distance to the lake. In the end, we bought a newer home outside our target neighborhoods. We learned a lot about ourselves during this process. (1) We probably had neither the skills nor the time to work on a fixer-upper. (2) We were not ready to maintain a beautifully landscaped yard. We made the right choice to buy a newer home with a minimalist yard. I’m thankful that my free time isn’t spent getting quotes for new windows, tearing down wallpaper, or wondering how to deal with a falling down out-building. I’m glad I don’t have to spend every day watering plants and pulling weeds.

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Bootstrap Farm in the News

Farmer Don from Bootstrap Farm was on the Tulsa news the other night for an interview on Oklahoma’s drought.

The drought is one of the reasons it was important for us to join a CSA. A guaranteed subscription for local food protects the farmer in cases of drought, hail, flood, or other sources of income loss. In this case, Farmer Don was able to buy a larger irrigation pump and know that he’ll be able to pay for it. Here’s hoping we get some rain soon!

Whole Wheat Flax Scones Recipe

About two years ago, I did a Google search for a scone recipe that uses whole wheat and ground flax seeds, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. After reading five scone recipes and one whole wheat and flax cookie recipe, I thought, “Meh. I’ll just make up a recipe.” And I did. And they’re good. Here’s the recipe:

Whole Wheat Flax Scones

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CSA: Week 3, Part 1

Scott went to the Asian food store to pick up our CSA this week, but when he got there, he found that they had given our share to somebody else. We left Farmer Don a voicemail. Then missed his call. Then left him another voice mail. On Sunday, we got an email saying that Farmer Don would be in Stillwater on Monday to pick up some tractor parts from the John Deere dealership; he’d drop off our CSA for us then. I’m a little anxious that we’ll only have about 3 days until our next bunch of produce arrives.