First Sewing Project: Cloth Napkins

I’ve been thinking about getting a sewing machine for about 2 years, and I finally bought one! I’ve been perusing estate sales and craigslist for months without much luck, so I decided to buy a new machine. The new machines are so fancy now – the one I bought has 100 stitches and can sew buttons (!). I doubt I’ll use all the stitches. But the machine with 100 stitch options has a bigger engine than the model with 50 stitch options, so I should be able to sew through canvas.


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CSA Week 6

Our CSA half share for week six includes my favorite vegetable: sweet peas. I am going to eat these raw (and not share them with Scott). We also got: more spinach, curly kale and Hakurei turnips with greens attached, which are sweeter and more tender (MS Word wants me to change this to “tenderer,” but that sounds odd to me) than other varieties of turnips.

CSA Week 6 Produce
CSA Week 6 Produce

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Our Homebrew India Pale Ale

Glasses of our homebrew India Pale Ale

Thanks to generous Christmas presents from our parents, we’ve started brewing our own beer. Lots of people say that you can’t screw up brewing beer, but that’s not true. Turns out, there are lots of ways you can ruin a batch of beer. For example, you can take too long to cool the beer and allow it to grow bacteria during that time. Or, you can not use an auto-siphon and then who knows how unsanitized your product gets – no matter how careful you’re being – as you use your mouth to start the siphon. Or, you can forget that your beer needs to be a certain temperature and turn the heat in your house way down in order to save money. Or, you can buy a kit that has expired grains. Or, you can use chlorinated water. Or, you can get too much air in the liquid when you are transferring it. Seriously, there’s a lot that can go wrong. And I’ve met people who have made sub-par homebrews. And our first try (an off-brand ESB) was a disaster.

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CSA: Week 5

We were out of town this week, so we donated our CSA half share to a food shelf in the Yale, OK area. We could have received two shares on Week 6, but I wasn’t up for that many greens right after a relaxing vacation. Our new delivery arrives tonight!

Container Gardening

Now that we have outdoor space over the summer months, I really wanted to try gardening. But there were at least four hurdles to starting a garden: (1) Cost. It is not cheap to start a garden in Oklahoma. You have to build a raised bed and purchase black soil and a few gardening tools. (2) Water. It gets really hot in Oklahoma, so Oklahomans need to water their gardens frequently. Plus, if you have a raised bed, your water just seeps into the red dirt below. (3) Time. Remember how proud of myself I am for taking care of some roses? Yeah. That’s time consuming enough. And (4) Outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are already using our yard as a bathroom. I didn’t really want them using a food garden as a bathroom, too.

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