Winter CSA 2015-2016: Week 13

This week, we received: a (large) head of lettuce, one bunch of kale, a half-bag of cilantro, a rutabaga, some beets, two turnips. Plus we have left over Korean radishes and pecans.


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Winter CSA 2015-2016: Week 11


This week, we received: some turnips, three small beets, broccoli greens, more kale, a rutabaga, basil, a half bag of pecans, and lettuce.


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Trader Joe’s is coming to Tulsa!

A Trader Joe’s location is opening in Tulsa, OK on February 26, 2016. It will be the first location in Oklahoma. Right now, our closest Trader Joe’s was about 4 hours away. (One is in Kansas, and the another is in Texas). The Tulsa Trader Joe’s will “only” be about an hour away.

I am really, really excited. Tulsa World’s Michael Overall’s wife is excited, too. It’s what she is most looking forward to in 2016. But Michael Overall isn’t excited. Currently, he makes a point to stop at Trader Joe’s when traveling to pick up sea salt caramels, Speculoos cookie butter, and triple ginger snaps. Mr. Overall is concerned that he only likes Trader Joe’s because it seems “special” and “exotic” with its out-of-state status. “When you can have it anytime you want, what’s the big deal,” he asks. And he notes that he has a track record of abandoning products he thought he loved once they are in Tulsa, like Steak n Shake and Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer.

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