Adventures in Brewing: A Sea Salt Pale Ale

Salt makes everything better – even beer, according to Bon Appétit. Scott and I have had – and enjoyed – German gose style beers, which have sour notes and salt, and Prairie’s farmhouse ale with sea salt, Brett C Ale. We decided to add salt to our own brew – a pale ale kit from Steve’s Brew Shop in Fayetteville, AR.

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Adventures in Brewing: A Chai Porter

Since winter is here now, we decided to brew a porter. For the kit, we visited the new brew store, Learn to Brew, in Moore, Oklahoma. We spent fifteen minutes looking at the wide selection of kits, even though we knew what we wanted ahead of time. We had two porter kits to choose from: a “robust porter” and an imperial porter. We chose the robust porter. We wanted to add chai flavoring to this batch, and we thought the imperial kit would lead to too many competing flavors.

First, we made the mash. Here’s Scott steeping the grains.


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