Summer CSA 2017: Week 1

This week, we received: broccoli, asparagus, scallions, sweet potatoes, radishes, and mustard:


I’ve been putting the mustard on my lunch sandwiches. It tastes OK.

Scott grilled the asparagus with some steak for my birthday.

I made scallion and ginger noodles (with chicken) using this recipe.

We’ve been eating the broccoli and radishes raw.

I’m saving the sweet potatoes – I bought a spiralizer (online) to make “noodles” with them.

Summer 2017 CSA

We’re doing the Summer CSA again.

I took a break from the winter CSA – we had a baby, and I wasn’t up to cooking all the veggies while caring for a newborn. And baby’s stomach was very sensitive – and I had a very restricted diet for a few weeks.

I’m glad to re-start the CSA. I feel good about buying local produce – and I like our farmer. I also know that I typically lose a little weight from eating all the veggies – something else that is welcome after baby.