Summer 2017 CSA

We’re doing the Summer CSA again.

I took a break from the winter CSA – we had a baby, and I wasn’t up to cooking all the veggies while caring for a newborn. And baby’s stomach was very sensitive – and I had a very restricted diet for a few weeks.

I’m glad to re-start the CSA. I feel good about buying local produce – and I like our farmer. I also know that I typically lose a little weight from eating all the veggies – something else that is welcome after baby.


9 thoughts on “Summer 2017 CSA”

      1. We are. I’m working like a madman, and the Mrs. (who says hello) has a full-time gig in medical equipment. Ms. 8 is in daycare and loves it–and is growing abundantly! So things are as they ought to be, more or less.

      2. 🙂 So glad to hear that you are all well – and that “Ms. 8” enjoys daycare! I sent “Mrs.” an email – but maybe it got lost in the shuffle. Tell her “hi” please!

      3. I’ll do so.

        And I suppose I ought to ask how you mean to refer to the baby, when and if you do, online. I find the pseudonym a good thing; when she’s old enough to make the decision for herself, she can use or mess with it, but for now, she gets some anonymity–and I have a way to refer to her.

        What’re your thoughts?

      4. Dunno. Hadn’t thought about it besides deciding not to use her name. Honestly, this is the first time it has occurred to me that she won’t be a baby forever, so “Baby” is maybe not the best pseudonym… Her name doesn’t seem to lend itself to a nice pseudonym in the same way as Ms. 8’s does…

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