Summer CSA 2016: Week 25

This week, we received: a yellow onion, green onions, a zucchini, a cucumber, a tomato, potatoes, a green pepper, grapes, and a butternut squash.


Can you tell how much I’m struggling with our CSA right now? I haven’t even taken a picture of this next week’s produce that is sitting in my fridge. And we didn’t get it until Friday night (after dinner) from the friends we share with. I’m due in 9 days, and I am feeling overwhelmed between getting things ready for a leave of absence at work and keeping our home clean … while we can. Plus, we’ve been trying to continue to walk and take “baby classes” in these last few weeks. And I go to bed pretty early these days!

Because I’m already struggling with the CSA produce, I have decided not to do the winter share. If I feel overwhelmed now, how will I feel with an infant? I am sad about this decision – I will not be supporting our farmer through the winter. Nor will I be supporting the two new hires he made – men who had been in prison for low-level crimes. I am so glad our farmer is willing to hire these men. And I hope that I feel better able to re-join the CSA in the spring.

Well, here’s how we ate what we could this week:

I made butternut squash (and onion) risotto in my pressure cooker. It was good – and fast!

We ate the tomato, green pepper, cucumber, and grapes raw.

Hopefully, the green onions and potatoes make it through this up-coming week. The zucchini is in the compost. (I know. I’m sad, too.)


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