Summer CSA 2016: Week 18

This week, we received: 2 Japanese eggplants, 4 Thai eggplants, a summer squash, 2 baking apples, four tomatoes, a small red bell pepper, and some black-eyed peas.

20160818_163634I ate the bell pepper and the summer squash (sautéed with butter and salt) right away.

I soaked the black-eyed peas overnight and boiled them for 25 minutes. I didn’t use a recipe because most of the recipes involve ham, bacon, collard greens, or something else “southern.”

I ate the tomatoes plain.

I made stir-fried chicken and eggplant with Asian basil with the Japanese and Thai eggplants, modifying this recipe. I made it without any peppers, deciding any eaters could use Sriracha to adjust their dish.

From a few weeks of getting baking apples, I now have 4 baking apples – enough to feel like turning on the oven, even though it’s summer. I used this recipe.

3 thoughts on “Summer CSA 2016: Week 18”

  1. Red-red looks really good (minus the crayfish due to Scott’s allergies and the pepper for me)! I think you’ve hit on what makes the CSA especially difficult some weeks – the amounts we get rarely lend themselves easily to a recipe without me supplementing our produce – in this case, with almost an additional bag of black-eyed peas. BUT, I will remember this idea this winter.

    Knowing that you read these updates keeps me honest – and I love your ideas for the produce!

    1. The recipe with which I’m familiar does not have crawfish in it–and I am sorry that Scott is allergic. I don’t recall it being spicy, either, but I readily admit I have a tolerance for such things born of growing up in Texas and living in Louisiana for some years…

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