Summer CSA 2016: Week 16

This week, we received: a watermelon, some small beets, three baking apples, one pear, a zucchini, some peppers, some green onions, and basil.


We’ve been eating the watermelon (and Scott bartered some watermelon for some cantaloupe from C & C), and we brought some of the watermelon to a housewarming party… we must not be the only ones with a whole watermelon, because there was another bowl at the party.

And I ate the pear; it was so good!

I made Momofuku ginger scallion noodles with the green onions, using this recipe.

And I made and froze some basil pesto.

On Tuesday, Scott grilled turkey burgers that I added grated zucchini and onion (from a previous week) to. I loosely followed this recipe. And he grilled the beets in tinfoil.

Just the baking apples and hot peppers are left. G, I know you say salsa, but spicy foods are not my friends right now.

One thought on “Summer CSA 2016: Week 16”

  1. Salsa keeps, though, and it is useful in trade. More seriously, though, you can dry or roast the peppers for keeping; some (and I cannot identify the variety from the photo) work well as addenda to hot chocolate.

    The apples…three’s not a lot, but baked apples are good most any time.

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