Summer CSA 2016: Week 13

This week, another family was on vacation, so C & C got their veggie share and we took the whole half of the other veggie share – plus some watermelon and a nectarine from the other family’s fruit share. We got: 1 cantaloupe, 6 ears of corn, 3 tomatoes, a handful of blue potatoes, 2 onions, 3 skinny cucumbers (that I thought were zucchinis), 1 summer squash, and some exceptionally hot (according to the farmer) jalapeños.


We had C over for dinner, since her husband was out of town for a conference. We grilled hamburgers and topped them with fresh tomato. And we ate some of the corn, cantaloupe, and watermelon as sides.

I boiled all the corn at once, and we will have that in our lunches over the next few days. And we will continue to eat the watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and nectarine as snacks.

I pressure-cooked the potatoes (with the leftovers from the other week) – this was my first time pressure cooking, and it was really fast. Although we needed a lot of salt and pepper to improve the flavor. And sautéing the potatoes was scary.

I sautéed the summer squash on the stove.

I forgot about the tomatoes (oops) and am saving the onion. I am currently avoiding spicy foods, and the jalapeños will not be eaten by me. I think Scott knows that they are in the crisper.

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