Summer CSA 2016: Week 9

This week, we received: 3 cucumbers, one onion, one tomato, a half bunch of chard, two patty pan squash, and some sage.


We snacked on the cucumbers right away; they are one of my favorite vegetables to eat raw.

And I cooked up all the other vegetables (sautéed the onion, wilted the tomato, chard, and sage and roasted the squash) – then I put them all in my blender (along with some salt, pepper, a small can of tomato sauce and the rest of my tube of tomato paste) to make a pasta sauce. It was pretty good. Scott added hot sauce.

6 thoughts on “Summer CSA 2016: Week 9”

      1. Well… I only recently started eating medium salsa; right now hot sauces are all spicy enough to my palate to taste roughly the same.

    1. I threw the skin in the blender; patty pan squash has a really delicate skin, more like a summer squash than an acorn squash.

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