Summer CSA 2016: Week 1

Our summer CSA started. We’re paying more for this subscription than we ever have before – $228.50 (or $9.52/week, assuming we eat all 24 weeks, which we won’t, as we already have plans to be out of town for part of the summer.) The increase in cost is meant to reflect more produce – and an easier to split half share.

This week, we received: two types of mustard – one “mild,” some salad greens, one sweet potato, and some green onions. We let Carol take the sprouts and the single bok choy. (We are a little bok choy’ed out.)


I’m disappointed in this week’s assortment. In this new season, we’re paying more to get more produce, but we have much less than the last week of winter. And the single bok choy was definitely not “easier to split.” And so much mustard, which we both hate. And I have trouble “hiding” it in other dishes. I know – I know: we didn’t even eat all our stuff last week, so why am I complaining about less produce? I just imagined I’d get to eat spinach in this CSA – not find new ways to eat sweet potatoes.

A friend of ours says that her husband loves mustard, so they are taking some (ok, most) of it.

I roasted the sweet potato.

And I added the green onions to other things I was making.

Not a fun CSA week here.


3 thoughts on “Summer CSA 2016: Week 1”

      1. Blogging admits of complaint. And those interested in participating in CSAs need to know that things do not always go well. The idea that older forms offer panaceæ (I think that’s the appropriate plural…) is one that needs to be…nuanced, and such testimonies as yours help with that.

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