Winter CSA 2015-2016: Week 23

This week, we received: a sweet potato, a bok choy, some broccolini, some “Japanese spinach”(Horensu), some chard, and a little bit of leaf lettuce. Carol took home some mint.

Our farmer had a doctor’s appointment in Oklahoma City that ran long, so our produce wasn’t at the pick up site when we got there (a half hour before it closes). The farmer delivered the produce to our house (around 8pm). Carol had oame over after supper to wait for it and talk. Sadly, we’re pretty sure that the produce sat in the van during his appointment and the hour plus drive to Stillwater. The lettuce was almost unsalvageable when we go it, it was so wet and wilted and gross. Other pieces were heartier greens that made the trip better. But it’s hard to (a) lose a night of eating through our produce and (b) have to compost so much of it before you even put it in your fridge.

I made a big stir-fry (still with the lamb meat, to Scott’s chagrin) with the bok choy, broccolini, and Japanese spinach. I remembered to buy some soy sauce, so the meal was slightly more flavorful. I’ll go to Crepe Myrtle Market, our local Asian food store, again this weekend and try to buy the actual rib eye this time!

I roasted the sweet potato with another potato that was left over from another week.

We used the leaf lettuce for tacos, which we hadn’t eaten in awhile.

And writing this “eating report” made me realize that I have some chard sitting in the fridge – luckily, that’s a slightly heartier green than the lettuce, and it should be OK for a few more days.


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