That’s different.

Someone asked me about “That’s different” and “That’s interesting” in Minnesota English, and I thought I’d do an informal language poll. (The question was about Minnesotans in particular, so I am mostly interested in Minnesota intuitions.)

In Minnesota, when you see or hear something strange, you can typically say one of two things about it:

(1) That’s different.

(2) That’s interesting.

Someone asked me if these two statements are the same or if one is stronger in meaning (marks something as more strange) than the other. What do you think?




3 thoughts on “That’s different.”

      1. To some extent. My family is Midwestern, however, and much of the formal training I have as an instructor derives at more or less remove from schools also in the Midwest. Both doubtlessly shape my understandings of the phrasing as well.

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