Winter CSA 2015-2016: Week 13

This week, we received: a (large) head of lettuce, one bunch of kale, a half-bag of cilantro, a rutabaga, some beets, two turnips. Plus we have left over Korean radishes and pecans.


First, thank goodness for lettuce salads – quick and easy!

I bravely made rutabaga chips with the mandolin slicer. I say bravely, because about a month ago (12/23/2015), I lacerated my finger pretty badly with the slicer – badly enough to go to the ER. I have some Kevlar gloves that I wore when using the mandolin slicer.

I made a beet hummus to go with the rutabaga chips. I bought pita chips, too. This hummus should be renamed Valentine’s Day hummus because of its color.

I made a kale, beet, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette salad topped with steak.

I also made a kale and mushroom risotto that turned out really well.

I gave a Korean radish back to C – apparently her husband eats them raw. And we still have some turnips to eat.

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