Winter CSA 2015-2016: Week 10

This week, we received: 4 turnips, 3 jalapeño peppers, 3 sweet potatoes, two heads of lettuce, a half bunch of kale, and a rutabaga (technically, half of it).


We’ve had a few salads with the lettuce.

I made creamy sweet potato soup. I used a (small) jalapeño pepper and some ginger to give it some heat – inspired by this recipe (with the addition of half a cup of heavy whipping cream added). We topped it with bacon.

We got a rutabaga in the CSA, and when I see a rutabaga I think about pasties, a hand-held meat, potato, and rutabaga turnover that is commonly eaten in mining communities. The flaky crust of a pasty is intimidating to me, so I convinced C, our CSA friend, to make the pasties with me. We used about three recipes, but this is the one that inspired us the most. We used some pork, no carrots, a little pad of butter in the stuffing, and lard with white (not red) flour for the crust.* Our pasties turned out pretty good, and they didn’t leak. We were so anxious about leaking that we didn’t stuff the pasties enough – we should have trusted the stretchiness of the dough more. But, since the crust is the best part, the product was still good.


I made kale, white bean, and mozzarella quesadillas inspired by this recipe.

And I roasted the turnips.


*C was raised by food scientists and now works on a wheat breading project. She knows her wheats.


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