Thred Up Review

I recently tried Thred Up, which is a mid-to-high-end, online consignment store for women’s and kids’ clothing and accessories. I tried the store because I don’t mind buying things secondhand; in fact, I like how it helps the environment and my pocketbook. And I’ve been wanting a new pair of jeans. I’ve had my eye on getting a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans. These jeans get great reviews, but they are expensive! Secondhand prices were the way to go here (for me).

When I was researching Thred Up, I found a couple blogger reviews for this shop – but many focused on the selling side. (I typically wear my clothes until they can no longer be worn for normal life (just camping trips), so the selling side isn’t that interesting.) Here, I’m writing a review to help fill the gap of information about buying clothes. But first, here’s what I bought:



The selection is the reason I would shop at Thred Up again. I am petite and like to buy quality used clothes that I can wear to work. It is often hard for me to find something that is both new(ish) and fits well at local consignment stores. On Thred Up’s website, there is a petite and a tall section. You can search by size and brand. There were many brands that I frequently shop, so I was confident with what size to get (Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT, Banana Republic (and Factory), Old Navy, Target brands, and many more – including Gucci, Tory Burch, and other brands outside of my budget). Jeans were slightly more difficult to sort through because not all pairs had an inseam measurement.

Website Design/Information

Searching on the website was easy. You can search by size, color, and condition, including new with tags. Here are some search tips:

  1. Color: The people who input the metadata are a little liberal in their assignment of color, I think. Initially, I used their coding thinking that my computer screen wasn’t showing the coloring correctly. But, my screen was showing colors fairly well. I bought two “red” shirts – but I’d call one fuchsia and the other salmon, which is how they appeared to me on my computer screen.
  1. Search Items: A checkbox called “Include Equivalents” is automatically checked during a size search. If you know your size in a certain brand, unclick this box to be sure you don’t see things that won’t fit.
  1. Materials: Know how to care for different materials. Often in the description, they put if the item was dry clean only. But not always. I know that silk shouldn’t be washed in my washing machine, and I found items with silk in them that did not have extra care directions. I (accidentally) bought something that is hand wash only and dry flat. I use the gentle cycle on the machine. I’m OK with that trade off.


There was a 40% off discount for my first order, so I bought a little more than I was expecting to buy. Here’s what I bought:

  • Banana Republic Cardigan – $13.49 (originally $60, with 40% off it was $8.08)
  • Adriano Goldschmied Jeans – $33.49 (originally $167, with 40% off it was $20.10)
  • Ann Taylor Loft long-sleeve blouse – $18.49 (originally $60, with 40% off it was $11.10)
  • Banana Republic Factory Store sleeveless blouse – $14.99 (originally $50, with 40% off it was $9.00)

Given the brands, I am OK with what I paid. I had an upscale consignment store in my neighborhood in Cleveland, but the prices were really high for the pieces. So, even though I went there to look around once a month for 18 months, I only bought one thing there – a pair of earrings. I would buy from Thred Up again, even at “regular” prices – and I’ve already received an electronic 20% off coupon.


Shipping was pricey and slow. I was quoted 10 days, but it took 11 days for my shipment to arrive. Shipping was $7.99, which is more than I’ve spent at other online retailers. If you spend $70, you get free shipping. For the holiday season, they are offering free shipping.

Quality of clothes

I was happy with the quality of the clothes I bought. They were in much better condition than the clothes at the local thrift store in my small town – and even most stores I’ve visited in cities. One of the sweaters was listed as “prepilling;” all my sweaters must be at that stage, because I can’t find a difference. The jeans were almost new. And, remember, you can search for “new with tags” items if you are concerned about wear.

TLDR: Decent (and truthful) quality, great selection, fair prices for most brands, slow and expensive shipping.

(NB: I’m not getting anything from Thred Up to write this. They don’t even know I have a blog. But, I do have a referral link that you can use, if you want. The deal is, we each get $20 off with this link. You can still use the 40% off your first order deal.)



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