CSA 2015: Week 29

This week, we received: 3 tomatoes, half a squash (Hubbard-y Acorn squash?), a zucchini, some green beans, two turnips, and a bunch of apples including more Arkansas Blacks. There was also a pattypan squash, but I didn’t cut the bigger squash very evenly. So I gave the smaller squash “half” and the pattypan to C. The farmer forgot our eggs this week. I think we were supposed to get a call about them. Technically, the eggs are ordered in C’s name, so he might have called her.


I used the tomatoes to top a pizza (and cheese and salami). I used the last of our frozen homemade pizza crusts and the ends of our pesto from months ago when we got basil.

We had the green beans (boiled), turnips (roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper) and zucchini (sautéed) as sides. And I made risotto with the squash.


We’ve been eating apples for lunches. We “lost” a few last week; it was either bake with them or toss them. I chose the easy way out.

On Thursday, I will pick up our first winter CSA. I hope there are more tomatoes.


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