A Winter Community Supported Agriculture Share

Our farmer at Bootstrap Farm is offering a winter Community Supported Agriculture share this year. Here’s the description of the share from the farmer: “The shares will contain winter squash, root vegetables, fall and winter cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, a wide range of greens, and hopefully tomatoes out of one of our greenhouses.”

When I read the description, my first thought was, “Tomatoes!” My second thought was that I actually like brussel sprouts, if they’re prepared a certain way. My third thought was about how, in general, Americans aren’t getting a wide enough variety of vegetables because most of the vegetables grown in the US are potatoes and tomatoes – and here is my opportunity to continue to have access to a (hopefully) wide variety of vegetables in the up-coming months. So, we’re splitting a winter share with C & C. No eggs this time. Just veggies.

The share is more expensive in the winter months, which makes sense: there are fewer local veggies in the winter months. After a returning customer and an early-bird discount, our total is $211.50 for 24 weeks, which is roughly $8.82/week. I’m not sure we’ll be around for every week, especially with the holidays coming up, so we’ll miss at least one week, making what we pay more like $9.20/week.

This decision means that I’ll keep writing about our CSA experience over the winter – what veggies we get and how we are eating them.


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