CSA 2015: Week 28

This week, we received: half a white acorn squash (this name is confusing because the squash itself is yellow), one (sad looking) eggplant, one bunch of lettuce, a small amount of green beans, a red pepper, two sweet potatoes, eggs, and a bunch of apples, including a bag of Arkansas Black apples.

According to Diap Tran, who writes for LA Weekly, “The Arkansas Black’s siren song starts out bright and tart, then blooms with notes of nutmeg, coriander, vanilla and anise the longer it sits in cellar.” I wish I could read foodie descriptions of all our produce before I eat it.


I made baked sweet potatofries,” which we ate with chicken-less buffalo nuggets on Saturday night. We ate dinner while watching “An Idiot Abroad,” one of our recently discovered favorite shows. Yes, it was an exciting night.

I made more soup with the squash and sweet potatoes. And I topped it with more bacon.

We ate big lettuce and red pepper salads before a spaghetti dinner on Tuesday. We used some homemade marinara sauce that our CSA friend, C, made from her own garden tomatoes.

On Wednesday, we had salmon with sides of beets and green beans.

We’ve been eating eggs for weekend breakfasts and apples for workday lunches. Scott was slightly skeptical of the Arkansas Black apples, but had one today and liked it.

The sad-looking eggplant didn’t last long enought for me to have time to cook it up.


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