CSA 2015: Week 26

This week, we received: a small spaghetti squash, a zucchini, a bell pepper, 4 cucumbers, a handful of jalapeños peppers, a ton of peaches, 8 apples, and eggs.


We went hiking last weekend, so we had three days of not eating any CSA produce… and eating Clif Bars and restaurant meals instead. On top of that, I had a Friends of Oklahoma Linguistics (FOOLS) meeting on Monday, which typically includes going to the local pizza to talk shop after the presentation. So, we’ve only had a few meals at home this week. Because of that, we didn’t get to our zucchini in time, which I had planned to eat yesterday.

Looking for Roseate Spoonbills and alligators at the Red Slough near Idabel, OK.
Ouachita Mountains, view from Black Fork hike.
Cedar Lake, Ouachita Mountains

We ate the bell pepper and cucumbers as sides and snacks. I froze half of the peaches and we ate the other half. We’re taking apples for lunch. The spaghetti squash was dinner on Tuesday. I roasted it and topped it with tomato sauce.

The jalapeños and eggs are just sitting in the fridge. Maybe it’s time for another quiche.


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