CSA 2015: Week 25

This week, we received: one bell pepper, a handful of chiles, a yellow onion (I gave our friends the lettuce and an extra bell pepper to feel OK about keeping the onion for myself), half an acorn squash, 9 apples, 5 peaches, grapes, and eggs.


The highlight of this week’s haul is the half acorn squash. I took a risk and made this recipe, which also called for a chile.


And I roasted the seeds.


We ate the bell pepper as a side. And I “roasted” and froze the remainder of the hatch chiles. And the onion is chilling in the crisper for another week.

We’re still taking apples to lunch – they are our preferred lunch fruit. I’ve been eating more yogurt and peaches for breakfast. I gave the grapes to my friend, SB, who had previously told me how much she likes concord grapes.

And we’ve been eating the eggs – over hard for me and scrambled for Scott.


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