CSA 2015: Week 21

This week we received: about a cup of black eyed peas, a jalapeño pepper, summer squash, half a watermelon, pears, peaches, eggs, and okra.


The delivery truck broke down on its way to Stillwater for the Thursday delivery. This incident means two things happened: (i) we had only six days to eat all our fruit and (ii) we realized how poor the communication is between the farm and us.

The farm called our friends to tell them about the delay, but they didn’t call us. Our friends requested that all the produce – theirs and ours – be dropped off at their house on Friday morning. (We had company come in on Thursday evening and had to pick her up in OKC.) But, the truck didn’t come early enough, and C had to go into work. So, the food was delivered to C’s office on campus. I know this because C texted me on Friday.

We also got some produce I’d never seen or eaten before: black-eyed peas. Having grown up in the north, there are a lot of southern foods that are new to me – which leads to a lot of google image searches. Luckily, C off-handedly remarked that it was somewhat interesting for us northerners to be eating these southern vegetables. And that remark reminded the farmer that we may not know what black-eyed peas are – and that you have to shell them to eat them. C shared this info with us. But, I feel so out of the loop. Without C, would I know anything about my food – when it is arriving or what it is?

Anyway, here’s how we used our produce this week:

We gave the okra to our friends, S and G. Last week, they made “a yummy tomato and onion dish with it.”

I used some of the watermelon to make watermelon lemonade, which we spiked with vodka. (Have I told you about my favorite vodka? It’s Prairie vodka, which is made in Minnesota and is environmentally friendly. I’ve been eating watermelon for breakfast again.


I made lobia masala with the black-eyed peas and the pepper. It is spicy.


We ate the summer squash as a side. We continue to eat pears with our work lunches. And I froze more peaches.

And we had bigger breakfasts with eggs over the holiday weekend. I also made some more chocolate chip cookies.


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