CSA 2015: Week 20

This week, we received: summer squash, hot-ish peppers, bell peppers, basil, a watermelon, a bunch of pears, peaches, and eggs.


We ate the hot-ish peppers with our tacos on Thursday.

On Friday, we went to a potluck – and brought some cut up watermelon and a peach pie. I used a store-bought crust and made a Pennsylvania Dutch topping. It was so good (probably because an entire stick of butter went into it). We have one peach and one container of watermelon leftover for breakfasts.


Scott made us eggs for breakfast on Sunday. And I did some baking with more eggs in preparations for company next weekend (cookies and scones).

I was going to turn the basil into more pesto (to Scott’s chagrin). But I ran into a friend who told me how hard it is to find fresh basil in Stillwater. I thought about the stash in my fridge as well as my patio plant, and I gave the basil to her. She made vegan pistachio pesto.

We ate the summer squash and bell peppers as side dishes. And we’ve started taking pears as our lunch fruit instead of apples.

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