CSA 2015: Week 19

This week, we received: half a watermelon, half a cantaloupe, a bunch of pears, some peaches and nectarines, some sage, a squash, some green onions, a couple of peppers, and six eggs. And we gave away another bag of okra.


We used the CSA vegetables right away. C’s husband was out of town, so we invited her over and ate her squash along with our squash. I made whole-wheat penne pasta topped with: summer squash, zucchini, green onions, a yellow onion, sage, and about 1/3 of a stick of butter. And we topped it all with some Parmesan cheese.


On Saturday, we went to a cookout and brought a lot of watermelon with us. Otherwise, we’ve been adding cantaloupe and leftover watermelon to our breakfasts.

On Sunday, Scott made breakfast: French-pressed coffee, bacon and eggs.

A cold front came through on Sunday, so I turned the oven on and made a pear tart – with honey and goat cheese. I should have used more pears.


The peaches, pears, and the nectarines have been used in lunches.


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