CSA 2015: Week 18

This week, we received: a bunch of basil, six peaches, four nectarines, a watermelon*, a cantaloupe**, a handful of eggplants, about six Hatch chiles, two tiny bell peppers, and six eggs. And a bag of okra, which we all decided to give away to C’s neighbors, who I guess like okra(?). The camera was in Baltimore last Thursday, so I don’t have a picture of the produce.

I made pesto with the basil, which I froze since we haven’t had time to eat it yet.

The bell peppers were cut up and snacked on. They’re tiny, so no big plans for them. 

The hatch chiles were difficult. There are some recipes for sauces, salsas, and guacamoles, but we have quite a few peppers. And I didn’t want to buy extra produce just to use up the produce we do have. A friend suggested that we grill them until the skin is black, steam them in a paper bag, and peel and de-seed them. We froze the peppers to use in stews later in the season.

We grilled the eggplant. I sliced the eggplant and then drained the produce (with salt and paper towels) for a few hours. Then I seasoned the eggplant with pepper (I never wiped off the salt). I put the eggplant on fresh baguette with goat cheese on it. So good!


Scott made eggs for breakfast. And we ate additional eggs on Wednesday night with (real!) bacon.

I froze the peaches right away on Thursday night. I was feeling a little tired of them. And I’ve been eating the nectarines.

*We technically should be splitting the watermelon. But I took the whole thing home to cut up for a girls’ night I hosted on Friday. C, who we share the CSA with, came to girls’ night and ate some watermelon. And she took home some leftovers.

**Technically, our bag was missing a cantaloupe that other bags had. But we grabbed one from someone who doesn’t like cantaloupe. Unfortunately, most of the it was rotting already and I only got a few pieces from it – even though it’s the first thing I cut up when I got home from picking up the CSA produce.

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