CSA 2015: Week 17

I’ve been gone for 4 weeks on a family/research trip to the Mesabi Iron Range of Minnesota, so I haven’t had to cook any CSA vegetables for a while. Scott has; he just hasn’t blogged about it. This week we received: a yellow squash, four hot peppers, a half bag of okra, a half bag of lettuce, a half pint of cherry tomatoes, a half bunch of basil, a cantaloupe, six eggs, six peaches, and five nectarines.


On Thursday, we ate a lettuce and tomato salad. We also ate spaghetti (with basil on top). On Friday, we went to a cookout. We brought the cantaloupe as a side to share, and we grilled the okra. FYI, grilled okra still tastes like okra.

I ate the yellow squash as a side with chicken.

I have been eating peaches and nectarines for breakfast and lunch. It’s too hot to bake with them.

I made more breakfast sandwiches with the eggs. School starts next week, so having a stockpile of easy food will come in handy again.

I froze the hot peppers. Scott likes them more than I do.


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