Goodbye, Minnesota

I’ve been on the Iron Range of Minnesota, my home area, for about four weeks. I have been interviewing people about the local dialect, which, by the way, is super cool. Tomorrow, I return to Oklahoma. I’m sad to be leaving Minnesota. So, I’m saying goodbye in a post.

Goodbye, Mom and Dad. Thank you for the cribbage games with local beer. Thank you for being my walking buddies. And thank you for making me dinner every night. (Scott – I forgot how to cook while I’ve been here.)

Goodbye, Iron Rangers. I love how you work hard and play hard. Visiting you all reminds me that I can have both sides of life.

Goodbye, cooler weather. It’s been wonderful to not get overheated while drinking a mug of hot coffee in the morning. And I’m thankful to not end my walks drenched in sweat.

Goodbye, signing white-throated sparrow. Thank you for always being my soundtrack of the wooded North Country.

And goodbye, food I love. Goodbye, Top the Tater. I will always wish I had you on hand when I eat potato chips. Goodbye, pasties, lunch of the miner. You are the perfect comfort food with all your starchy vegetables wrapped in a pie crust. Goodbye, Bell’s Two-hearted Ale. You were my “gateway IPA,” and will always have a special place on my palate.


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