CSA 2015: Week 12

This week, we received: 2 cucumbers, a half-bunch of radicchio, three tomatoes, three ears of corn, a spring onion with a big white bulb, 4 peaches, and 6 eggs.


I made a salsa with two tomatoes, two ears of corn*, a cucumber, and the spring onion.

The female half of our CSA friends and I were both spouse-less on Saturday night, so C came over with beer, her half of the radicchio and some tomatoes from her garden. Together, we made a side of radicchio sautéed with honey and balsamic and we made a margarita pizza with C’s tomatoes and basil from our container garden.

We snacked on the leftover cucumber and tomato. I ate the peaches* for breakfast. And we fell behind on eggs this week – I thought about baking, but it’s been so hot here lately.

*One of the ears of corn was totally rotted, so I threw it straight into the compost. And our peaches molded super-fast – by Saturday, I salvaged enough from three peaches to have one peach.


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