CSA 2015: Week 11

This week we received: a quart of blueberries, a half-quart of raspberries, 6 eggs, a big bunch of dinosaur kale, a half-bunch of basil, a cucumber, 2 beets, and 2 tomatoes.*


I made a pizza on Thursday with a tomato, the basil, mozzarella, and sausage.


We had tacos with the leftover tomato and some kale.

I made a quiche with more kale, some leftover turkey bacon (from last week), and an Italian blend of cheese. I based my recipe off of this recipe, but I made all the above substitutions and used half-and-half instead of whipping cream.


We ate the beets as a side. And we ate the berries with yogurt for a few breakfasts. And I’ve been snacking on the cucumber. Scott’s not a fan, so I get that to myself.

*Truthfully, we should have received 1.5 beets and tomatoes, but C & C are still out of town, and Carol said it would be OK if we ate a little extra this week. Plus, I think that they’ll soon be overwhelmed by garden tomatoes.


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