CSA 2015: Week 6

This week we received: a half bunch of kale, about 8 asparagus stalks, a bag of chard, eggs, two beets, and a half head of lettuce. The strawberries were rained out, so no farm fruit – which we used as an opportunity to buy blueberries.

I didn’t take a picture of the produce – or of some of the finished food – because things were hectic here from Thursday through Sunday. On Thursday afternoon, I invited our CSA friend, C, over for a “not-fancy” dinner, since her husband was travelling for work. Around 4:45 – about 15 minutes before I was going to leave to pick up the CSA share – I got a text from a friend, K, that she’d been in a car accident and was headed to the local ER. I called C and asked her to pick up both CSA shares and headed to the ER to keep our other friend company. K was discharged around 7pm, and we decided that she shouldn’t sleep on her floor alone in her empty apartment (she was moving to CA for the summer). So, the four of us (me, Scott, C, and K) had a late, thrown-together meal that night. While we were making dinner, we discovered a gas leak. Why not? Someone from OK Natural Gas came to turn off our water heater and we called a local plumber. In the end, we spent a lot of money and didn’t have hot water for a couple of days. So, long story short, I had other things on my mind… and pictures were erratically taken this week.

For our dinner on Thursday, we ate roasted beets (we cranked up the oven to 400 in order to roast them in just 20 minutes) on the salad greens with goat cheese and balsamic reduction. C was generous with donating her half of that produce to the communal dinner. She took the beet greens home for her travelling spouse, which was a compromise that everyone was OK with.


DSC03905I made a pasta sauce with the chard, inspired by this recipe. I cooked an onion, two garlic cloves. Then, I added all the chard and cooked until wilted. Next, I added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato paste as well as some white wine, red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder (I should have used more fresh garlic). We ate the sauce with store-bought whole-wheat pasta.

I made a pizza with the kale and some left over scallions, grape tomatoes, roasted garlic, mozzarella and sausage. Our vegan friend was still over, so she got her own cheese-and-meat-free pizza. We used a whole-wheat version of the crust I’ve previously made. This paired great with a Left Hand’s Good JuJu and wall-to-wall coverage of OK tornadoes as a storm line slowly crept toward our town. We’re fine.

And we ate the asparagus with salmon and whole-wheat couscous. Like classy adults.

The whole share only included 6 eggs, but we somehow ended up with all of them – the other couple is a little behind eating their eggs, too. I made some more breakfast sandwiches with some of our eggs – but this time with “real” bacon (rather than turkey bacon) and cheddar cheese.


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