CSA 2015: Week 3

Our half-fruit share started this week! Our CSA bounty this week included: a head of lettuce, half a bunch of scallions, a bag of spinach, half a bag of arugula, a half bunch of Swiss chard, eggs, and four small boxes of strawberries.


I snacked on the lettuce plain. And we’ve had a few spinach, strawberry, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette salads.


We used the arugula and chard for tacos. No pictures – tacos look like tacos. The scallions have been surreptitiously added to other things. (At first I spelled surreptitiously so poorly that there were no suggestions for a correct spelling!)

We haven’t done a great job at using the eggs, so I made some freezer breakfast sandwiches – eggs, whole-wheat English muffins, turkey bacon, and provolone. I used flat-bottomed custard dishes to bake the eggs. You could use a muffin tin, but the egg size won’t match up well with the English muffin size. Each sandwich has one and a half slices of turkey bacon.



3 thoughts on “CSA 2015: Week 3”

  1. Time, but also things we want to eat. Neither of us is a fan of deviled eggs, flan, popovers (plus, don’t you need special equipment for that one?). And I don’t have time to make or get a good pie crust for a quiche. And, yes, we’re eating omelets. And I baked some – cookies and scones. And the more portable the food, the better for us during this busy time of the semester.

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