CSA 2015: Week 1

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share started this week – and we got 5 different veggies already! Our “quarter-share” (we’re splitting a half-share with friends) included: ½ head of lettuce, ½ bag of arugula, 4 spring onions, 1 bag of spinach, and (I think) some cabbage leaves. Plus eggs. (We split an egg share, too.)DSC03421The spinach went into a cheesy risotto. I used true Arborio rice rather than long-grain rice, and I left out the wine. It was really good!

DSC03424 The spring onions (and two eggs) went into some fried ramen inspired by this recipe. We cooked up 2 cups of diced chicken along with one shallot and 2 cloves of garlic. Then, I cooked 2 eggs in the wok. Some recipes called for cooking the eggs and then cutting them up, but I just dumped the beaten eggs in the wok and stirred. Then we added two packages of cooked ramen noodles and the stir-fry sauce (both “chicken flavoring” packages from the ramen, 3 tbsp of soy sauce, 3 tbsp of rice vinegar, 2 tsp of sesame oil, and 2 tsp of Sriracha). Finally, I added two cups of defrosted peas and 1 cup of shredded carrots (left over from a previous recipe). I topped the whole stir-fry with chopped spring onions. It was very flavorful. The whole modified recipe made 4-6 servings.

DSC03562 I sautéed the cabbage with a scallion, grape seed oil, salt, and pepper.

DSC03511 The arugula went on a pizza with fancy salami, garlic, shallots, fresh mozzarella, and basil from the container garden. I modified this recipe for the sauce (halved the recipe, used less Italian seasoning, no oregano, and no fennel) and used this recipe (exactly) for the crust. I made the crust about two weeks ago – it’s been sitting in the freezer. This is one of my best pizzas.


We had enough lettuce for two salads (no picture).


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