Preparing for the up-coming CSA: Starting to compost

We’ve considered composting since we moved into a house that has a yard. Throwing food waste into a landfill, when it could breakdown in our own backyard, feels wrong. There is no community composting, so if we’re going to do it, we have to do it on our own.

There are two ways to compost: hot and cold. The cold way takes much longer, but it is also much easier. We are A-OK with slow results, especially if it means that we don’t have to do much maintenance. (Related side note: I’ve started adding the word “lazy” to my Google searchers for DIY and recipes.) And yes, rotating a compost container every 1-2 days constitutes a lot of maintenance to us. Plus, the container gardens wouldn’t be able to handle all the compost mulch we’d be producing using the hot method.

I thought about building a compost bin for about a week. I even drew up plans modifying this amazing plan one Saturday morning. But, between time and materials… and the propensity I have to hit my thumb with a hammer, I decided to buy a bin. I chose the Geobin Compost Bin. This bin is less expensive than many bins, could be cleaned if we moved, and gets good reviews. A University Extension office even recommends this bin. They suggest that you store the bin rolled inside-out for a day before assembling it.

Here’s our assembled bin. Scott ingeniously added gardening stakes to secure it to the ground – Oklahoma is windy!


Of course, the outside compost container is only half the battle – at least, if you are as lazy as we are, which is too lazy to walk out to a compost bin anytime we have food waste. We needed a container to keep the food waste in between compost trips. I’ve used a gallon ice cream pail in the past. But I remember getting my hands so dirty to use it. I decided to buy a container for the specific purpose of holding food waste. I chose the OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, which gets great reviews. As a bonus, you can empty the container without touching any food waste. Our first pieces of waste from the CSA and yard work are already in the bin.

Here’s to composting (finally). I hope this “hobby” sticks.


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