Sewing Project: A Circle Scarf

I made a circle scarf, which is like an infinity scarf but thicker. In true form, I did a lot of reading before starting my project. Different tutorials suggest different types of fabrics and different sizes of cuts. I think, though, that there is no perfect fabric or perfect size of cloth. In general, the bigger the scarf, the stretchy-er the fabric should be. DSC03347I chose to model my scarf after these two tutorials (one and two), although when I went to buy the fabric I got anxious about spending so much money and only bought 1.5 yards. The second tutorial’s picture made me feel better about how I was sewing my fabric. Sewing that big of a seam on a scarf is not intuitive to me. I chose a knit fabric (that, unfortunately, looks prone to holes). I bought it from JoAnn Fabric because I’m not ready to buy fabric over the Internet; I can hardly tell what I like when I see it in person. And I had a JoAnn coupon that was about to expire. I don’t wear much red, but this was the simplest fabric pattern with the most “earthy” background – there were also some electric blues and pinks in stock that day. I sewed the seam twice to reinforce it. I’ve worn it around the house and the office – and it’s definitely helped to keep me warmer. You can wear it doubled in a double loop, which is my preferred way, or in a single loop. DSC03348 DSC03350


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