Potato Stamping

Scott is in southern California to check up on one of his research projects. He is literally spending the day digging up earthworms. Since I have the house to myself, I hosted a girls’ craft night on Saturday. The last time Scott was away over a weekend, we decorated coffee mugs. This time, we did potato stamping.


Everyone brought a potato, a small bottle of paint, and something to stamp. There is so much room for personal creativity in this project. First, you can stamp so many things (at any budget): tissue paper (wrapping paper); gift bags; cardstock (cards, wall art); folders; paper boxes; tea towels; t-shirts; tote bags; aprons; bandanas; pillow covers; napkins, etc. Next, you can choose any color of paint: neon pink, sunshine yellow, navy blue, black. Or mint green, like I picked. Finally, you can create any type of stamp you want: leaves, a herringbone pattern, a plus sign, a triangle, a whale, a circle, a tree, a fish, a flower. Whatever you want. I chose a triangle, because that was well within my artistic ability.

Some people preferred to cut out a design right on the potato. I preferred to cut off a thin slice of potato, cut that into a stamp, and re-attach it to the rest of the potato using toothpicks.

Here’s my new mint green triangle tea towel.DSC03342

And some tissue paper – my friend K cut the fish for me.

DSC03346Remember: if you use acrylic paint on fabric, you should heat set it with an iron – medium heat for about 5 minutes.


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