Our Answer: To CSA

We have decided to participate in the Bootstrap CSA… with a twist.

Scott and I are getting a full fruit share (Strawberries! Apples! Peaches!). And we are splitting a weekly egg share and a half vegetable share with another local couple, Carol and Christian. I think that a quarter veggie share will be much more manageable. (Side note: I already had a dream about being chased by a piece of Swiss chard while I was considering ordering an entire half share again.)

I am planning to be out of town for a few weeks this summer to do some research in northern Minnesota, so we’ve been anxious about whether or not a share, even a quarter share, would be worth it for us. We know we’ll end up giving away (or worse, throwing away) some of the produce. Especially when Scott will be holding down the fort on his own. But, the share lasts for 26 weeks (6 months) again, so we’ll be around for a lot of it.

The veggie half share (non-chemical, non-organic) is $380 (divided by 2, then, is $190). The egg share is $110 (divided by 2, then, is $55). And the fruit share is $250. The total we will pay for a quarter veggie share, a half egg share and a full fruit share is: $495. Divided by the full 26 weeks, that comes to $19.04/week. Since there are at least 2 or 3 weeks that we’ll be donating our shares, either to a food shelf or to friends, the cost really comes out to about $21.52/week. But, if that covers most of our veggies, all of our fruit purchases, and gives us some protein, it seems like this decision is worth it for us. We figure we spend close to $11/week on fruit and $9/week on veggies (that are grown with chemicals). Plus we get to continue to support local farmers and have a smaller carbon footprint – just for eating tasty, local food.

We’ll start receiving produce around April 15th. Wish us luck!


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