To CSA or to not CSA; that is the question.

The Bootstrap farm was bought by Wayne Jesko, who also owns and operates W Bar M Sheep and Wool. Don Drury, the previous Bootstrap farms owner and operator, is now employed as the food hub coordinator by the Tulsa Farmers’ Market. Soon, within days, Scott and I will have to decide if we want to be part of the CSA again this up-coming season.

I keep thinking, wondering, debating whether Scott and I can do another CSA season. We really struggled last year. But with new ownership, we also now have an egg share and a fruit CSA open to us. Fruit, I think, we could do. A season of bok choy… I don’t know.  We’re not sure about prices yet. I’m also considering being in Minnesota for an extended period of time to do some research – so I won’t be around to “deal with” the produce for a few weeks.

What would you do, if you were me?


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