Our First Soup Exchange

Last night, I hosted my first-ever soup exchange with two other people. (I invited a third, but she was unable to attend). Now, I have 8 pints of soup in my fridge: two pints of taco soup, two pints of Mulligatawny, and 4 pints of the soup I made, Tom Kha Ga. Here’s a picture of the three soup types together:

taco soup, tom kha ga, and mulligatawny
taco soup, tom kha ga, and mulligatawny

We also socialized as part of the exchange. I think the evening was fun – it was for me, at least. We sat around eating chips and popcorn and drinking our chai porter homebrew. We’re thinking about hosting another exchange next month, when the third person should be able to participate.

Here’s (an edited version of) the email I sent as an invitation for the exchange. In it, I lay out how much soup to make and how to package it for the exchange in a convenient way. Another way to package the soup would be in double ziplock bags, which would be less convenient for lunches, but more convenient for freezer storage.


Let’s have a Soup Exchange!

I like eating soup. But I dislike eating the same soup for 4-6 meals in a row. And I thought that maybe you all would be in the same boat. So, I am suggesting a soup exchange. I have picked you in particular to participate in this exchange because: our families are about the same size and, as far as I know, everyone on this list is open to a variety of foods. If you are unable to participate, that’s OK. Just let me know.

For the exchange, each participant will make a gallon of soup. Then, each participant will divide the soup into 8 16oz mason jars (or really, just 6 jars – since you don’t have to divide your own portion up if you don’t want to). At the exchange, each participant will receive two 16oz containers of 3 different soups – leaving us all with a “two-pack” of 16oz containers for 4 types of soup. Or 8 individual servings, which you can choose to share (or not share) with your husband. I chose 16oz containers because the Internet indicates that this is enough to make a meal for most people.  I chose mason jars because these can be directly microwave-d for quick lunches, which seems better for a group of working families.

If you choose to participate, please indicate what type of soup you plan to make on this Google drive spreadsheet (link removed). It’d defeat the exchange if we all made potato soup. We’ll meet at my house for the exchange and to get to know each other a bit more on Friday January 23rd at 7:30pm. (Socializing is half the fun, right? And feel free to bring your husband – Scott’ll be here, too.) If you want to participate, but cannot make it on Friday, we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.


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