Bare Walls Installment 4: A Second Gallery Wall

We liked the first gallery wall we did so much that we did another one in the guest bedroom.

Gallery Wall #2

The pictures for this gallery wall are from an older illustrated book about birds of Wisconsin that Scott’s family had. We used an x-acto knife to cut out some of the pages. First, I cut out the thread binding of the pages we wanted. Then, I cut out the entire page.

DSC01507 DSC01506 DSC01509

Deciding which pages to display was difficult for Scott, who loves all birds. But, we narrowed it down to 6 illustrations: canopy warblers, titmice/nuthatches, kinglets, woodpeckers, vireos, thrushes, and some warblers. We bought six 9”x12” frames from JoAnn – they were 60% off – for $24.00.

We used the same planning method with painters tape.


And it took a really long time to do all the math so that (i) everything was even and (ii) the nails would line up with the two hooks on the back of the frame. Here’s all the different math I did while planning:


And here’s the finished project:




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