CSA: Week 24: Part 2

This week, we received: sweet corn, peppers, green beans, turnip greens, and edamame.


We also got a newsletter with this share – such a welcome addition! After reading the newsletter, I felt a bit chagrinned about my distaste of earworms in my corn. To be fair, though, I grew up eating plenty of home-grown (and organic) corn that didn’t have earworms, because we were so far north that we were too cold for earworms, even with warming temperatures (shout out to Hibbing, MN!).


I cooked up the green beans, and we ate those for lunch on Sunday. I ate the peppers in my packed lunches for three days. Scott tackled the sweet corn on Monday while I was in Tulsa giving a test. He ended up not being able to do it. Even after preparing the corn, it looked unappetizing (he reports). He didn’t take a picture. We ate the edamame – boiled and salted – with a beer on Wednesday. (We hadn’t had edamame since living in St. Paul, MN.)



And the turnip greens. Don Drury rightly says that turnip greens go best with pork, especially pork that is fatty and salty (just like every other bitter green I’ve ever eaten or looked up a recipe for). Scott’s not a huge pork fan (although we had some amazing pork belly at Tallgrass Prairie Table). And I just dislike the fact that anytime I want to make one of the healthiest greens, I have to pair it with a decidedly un-healthy meat to make them palatable. So, I haven’t eaten the turnip greens yet. Maybe I’ll boil them and douse them with vinegar. Maybe I’ll give up on eating them. Is that terrible?


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