Sewing Project: Valences

I sewed some valences! I thought about sewing them for about 4 months – and when I finally sat down to do it, it took about an hour. (Well, just over because I had to change the thread on the machine.)

DSC03715We owned a couple sets of curtains when we bought a house – but not enough for every window. So, I decided to sew some valences for the eat-in kitchen’s windows. Here’s a before picture of the windows.


I chose a white, lightweight cotton to lighten up the room somewhat. I bought 1 yard of fabric, which was maybe not quite enough. I cut the fabric length-wise, so I had two sections that were (about) 45” x 18.” Then I sewed a hem around the entire section.Then, I folded over a section that was 2.5” to make a section for the curtain rod to run through it. (You can see the pattern on the fabric in this shot, too.)


Here’s an after shot – it would look better with more material for bunching. Oh, well.



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