CSA: Week 21

This week we got: tomatoes (though a couple were on the vine too long), cherry tomatoes, red peppers (one with a hole), green peppers, red onions, and Chinese red noodle beans. I’d never seen these beans before – but a quick google search told me what they are (and the farmer, Don Drury, emailed us to confirm their identity).


The holes:

DSC01527 DSC01526

And a close up of the beans:


There aren’t many recipes for Chinese long noodles, so I made the only one I could find: Chinese Long Beans with Cracked Black Pepper. I also used a yellow onion that was left over from two weeks and an entire red pepper.

In the pan:


In the bowl:


I also made pasta sauce with the tomatoes, a red onion, and a green pepper (plus garlic and some basil from the garden). I also put some ground turkey on it.


I roasted some red onion wedges with a little bit of sugar (1 tbsp) and balsamic vinegar (3 tbsp) at 400 for 45 minutes, and we had it as a side for some pan-seared steak. I was surprised how much I liked them.


And the other peppers and cherry tomatoes have been snacks and sides in lunches.


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