Bare Walls: Installment 3

Some of the first “art” I had on my walls as a teenager were pictures I took from old calendars. Klassy, I know. We continue to display calendar art in our current, adult home, although I think it looks a little more grown-up than the calendar art from my teen years.


We found the calendar when we ducked into a gift shop at Shenandoah National Park to hide from the rain in between hikes. The calendar was a collection of recreated “vintage-style” promotional posters for various National Parks, and, most importantly, the calendar did not have any holes punched into it, which meant that if I could cut out the pages in a clean way, they might look more like a small print rather than a calendar page. We bought some frames at Michaels that were a little too big and didn’t have matting in them. I bought some poster board to go behind the pictures to make a border. I think they look OK, though I wish we had sprung for frames that came with mats. DSC01515



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