Bare Walls: Installment 2

We use maps as art. Currently, we display two maps in the living room: (i) a navigational map of the Boundary Waters Canoe and Wilderness Area and (ii) a nautical map of Lake Superior. These maps are places we love and used to visit together, and it’s nice to have a reminder of these northern places (and our adventures there) now that we live in Oklahoma.


The Boundary Waters map is small enough to fit into a poster frame (with some trimming).


But the nautical chart is 36” x 46” – too big for us to afford a frame. But we did bring it to the local Fed Ex to be laminated and mounted, which was about $70. I’d like to somehow put a frame around it, but so far we’ve only found wood that is too warped to make a frame like this. And I don’t want to put a bunch of holes in the wall by framing it with crown molding right now. How would you frame it (if you were as lazy as me)?


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