Chocolate Cream Pie

Neither Scott nor I have ever made a cream pie before. But we love eating cream pies! We have to drive between 45 and 65 minutes to get pie. Well, to be fair, if we planned ahead, we could order a whole pie from a local bakery. But, making the call, picking up the pie and paying for the convenience feels like almost as much work as just making our own. So, we attempted a chocolate cream pie.


Picking a cream pie recipe felt daunting. They all call for different amounts of chocolate and eggs. We settled on this one. Here’s a picture of Scott’s finely chopped chocolate:


We used a slotted spoon to help separate the yolks from the egg whites. We boiled then whisked the custard for eight minutes. Then we added chocolate, butter, and here we altered the recipe: 1.5 tsp of vanilla and .5 tsp of coffee extract. Then we refrigerated the pie for three hours before Scott made the whipped cream topping (1 cup of heavy cream and 1.75 tbsp of confectioner’s sugar).


It is delicious! Scott was worried it would come out with the consistency of pudding, but we succeeded in making a true custard base. 


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