CSA: Week 17

This week we got: 10 red peppers, a bunch of basil, fennel, potatoes, and 8 ears of damaged/rotting corn. (The picture’s blurry because Scott had our good camera in WI at a conference.) 


I’m really sad about the corn. I was going to freeze some to make this chili as the weather cools. Scott and I ate all the red peppers across two meals.

The basil is still sitting in water in our fridge. I was going to make pesto… but it took so long to find pine nuts here in Stillwater that I lost my momentum. Plus, I guess you’re supposed to only freeze food in certain types of containers, like glass or a freezer-specific Ziploc bag. I went to a “Yes, we can” presentation at the local library about preserving food (pressure canning, some other type of canning, freezing, and dehydrating), and now I am afraid to preserve anything – most of the presentation was telling us about things that can go wrong. So, now I have basil going bad in my fridge and basil flowering in my container garden.

I tried to make tortilla española with the potatoes. But it was a disaster (flipping it is so hard), and I’m too embarrassed to post a picture of the final product. 

The fennel was eaten in a salad that was inspired by (at least) three different recipes I found online. Here’s what I did: I sautéed the fennel in some olive oil for about 8 minutes. Then I added a grapefruit and a lime – cut up with membranes removed and sprinkled with white sugar – to the pan. I continued to cook this for about 5 more minutes. Then I put this on some greens (spinach and arugula) and added some black beans and mint. It doesn’t look like much, but it was pretty tasty. I think I used too much fennel for the amount of citrus fruits I used. Here’s a picture of the final product: 



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