CSA: Week 15  

Since both Scott and I were out of town last week, we picked up a “double half” share this week. We received: 1 cantaloupe, 1 honeydew melon, about 4 pounds of early girl tomatoes, 2 pints of cherry tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 2 bags of red onions, and 9 green peppers.


Here’s a close-up of all the onions and green peppers.

DSC01205Two bags of onions were too much for us, so we gave one bag to our neighbor, Natalie.

We’ve been eating cantaloupe and honeydew every morning for breakfast and cucumbers as a side with lunches and dinners.

We made turkey burgers (and pre-made turkey meatballs) and on Friday night, which included tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, garlic, and an egg as a binder. Here are the raw turkey meatballs.


And the finished turkey burgers:


I also made homemade pasta sauce. I cut an “X” on the bottom of 9 tomatoes, boiled them, submerged them in an ice bath and still managed to lightly burn my fingers while peeling them. I learned that you want to make really long cuts on the tomatoes to make them easier to peel. Here are the cut tomatoes. The one in the front is not cut enough.


And here are the tomatoes boiling:


When I went to blend the tomatoes, I had to dig out our blender, which I hadn’t used since we moved almost a year ago. I know I haven’t used it because (1) it was still wrapped in plastic grocery bags to protect the glass pitcher and (2) I found a Brewhouse Triathlon pint glass still nestled inside the pitcher. I put the tomatoes in, turned on the blender – and nothing happened beyond a loud grinding noise. I think the blender has lived its life. So, I dug out the food processor and finished off the grinding task.

Then, I put olive oil on the bottom of my dutch oven along with (a lot of) garlic, green onions, and red onion. I sautéed these items for five minutes before adding the tomato puree and some fresh basil from our garden. I brought the mixture to a boil and then simmered it for an hour. Here’s a picture of the sauce before simmering:


And here’s a picture of the final product with some meatballs:


With more tomatoes and onions, we made guacamole (yum!), which we ate with chips and as a spread for a chicken breast sandwich. Here’s a picture of our grilled chicken and guacamole sandwiches. I’d butterfly the chicken next time.


We still have a few tomatoes left (plus a few more from the garden), so Scott and I decided we’d eat tomato with our lunches this week instead of an apple. I’m not sure I’d do this again.


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